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Novitates Tech is committed to shaping a digital landscape that empowers businesses globally, offering accessible transformative solutions that ignite industry-wide change. Our dedication to innovation drives us to create strategies that redefine global business operations.

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Pega Technology Resources

By Novitatestech

Why Should You Join?

One should join us because our organization is focused on innovation as we work on cutting edge technologies and every idea is valued and all the employees are allowed to think out of the box. Also, we are flexible in the ways of working to ensure the proper work life balance. We believe in continual learning, and we invest in offering training courses, achieve certifications etc. As we work with Fortune 500 companies it provides a global exposure for all our employees.

Work Culture


Why Should You Dive into the Quirky Novitates Universe?

Hey there, adventurous spirit! Ready to embark on a journey with a tech-savvy crew that’s as vibrant as a pixelated rainbow? Buckle up, because joining Novitates Tech isn’t just a job—it’s an out-of-the-box odyssey!

Innovation is Our Oxygen

Boredom is banned in our world! We're all about cutting-edge tech that keeps us on our toes and our minds buzzing. Your ideas? They're not just welcome; they're demanded!

Lights, Camera, Innovation

Think innovation's a solo gig? Not here! Our team camaraderie could light up the darkest corner of the digital galaxy. Collaboration is our jam, and we're all about those electric brainstorms.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Balance is our middle name (well, almost). Flexible working means we're all about making sure you have time for both conquering coding challenges and your newfound pottery hobby.

Learn Like a Boss

We're education addicts, and we're not afraid to show it! Learn, grow, and become a tech titan. With training courses, certifications, and more, you'll be leveling up faster than Mario in warp mode.

Global Exposure

We strut our stuff with Fortune 500 companies. Join us, and you won't just have coworkers; you'll have comrades across the globe. Time zones? Pfft, they're just more opportunities for coffee!

Culture Vulture's Paradise

Work should feel like a party! Our vibrant vibes make every day a fiesta. From passionate projects to transparent teamwork, there's never a dull pixel in sight.

Sweat It Out, Level Up

Who needs a cape when you've got a gym? Get your endorphins flowing, pump up those biceps, and be ready to crush coding challenges like a true hero.

Game On, Anytime

Need a quick brain break? Our indoor game space has your back. Ping pong, foosball, or chess—level up your fun and refuel your genius.

Prime Location Perk

We're not just hanging in a tech void. We're right next to the Hitech City Metro. No interstellar commute times here!

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Opportunities Knocking

Oh, you thought the adventure ended here? Nope! Pega LSA, Pega CSSA, Pega CPDC, Lead QA, Senior QA—take your pick, and ride the waves of these epic opportunities.

Ready to take the plunge into our quirky galaxy? Buckle up, because at Novitates Tech, every day is a pixel-perfect adventure. Join us and watch your career go full-on supernova!